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Last updated: October 26, 2006
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Date: Sat. 07 Jan 2006
From: Jacques L'Heureux
Subject: More pictures from the 40th Anniversary
               symposium on December 2

Tom Economou and Richard Northrop have also sent me the pictures that they took at the symposium. The full set now includes

  1. Pictures by Jacques L'Heureux
    1. At the symposium and follow up dinner
    2. At Jimmy's the next day
  2. Pictures by Tom Economou
    1. At the symposium
  3. Pictures from Richard Northrop
    1. At the symposium


Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 22:30:20 -0500
From: Jacques L'Heureux
Subject: LASR 40th Anniversary Symposium

The symposium was a great success with about 100 people attending. To view pictures taken at the symposium and follow up dinner, see

A few of us also got together with staff alumni the next day at Jimmy's the next day. My pictures taken there can be seen at

The following people showed up

Skip Johnson and his wife Barbara
Dietrich Müller
Linda Glennie
Roger Ray
Steve Jordan
Jim Eraker
Dave Chenette
Don Sturgis
Dieter Hovestadt
Richard Northrop
And myself

As I get pictures from others, I will also post them.


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